Friday, August 22, 2008

Punjab women getting into the world of glamour

Gone are the days when women in Punjab were simply sitting at home and looking after the family. They had always been known as looking after their health as well as their beauty, which distinguished them from other women of the country. They have made it big in various fields and gracefully topped the world of glamour. One after the other, Punjab has offered several women in the arena of fashion. They now serve as a role model for other women, who too wish to take some initiative to enhance their beauty. The beauty is very much in keeping with the latest trends. As for now it's that of coloured hair and the women of Punjab are very much a part of this fad.

"Punjab, in our opinion, is one of the most buoyant markets, when it comes to beauty products, when it comes to lifestyle oriented products. As you have people who are really very beautiful and want to enhance their beauty further. You have people who have disposable income and people having the intent to spend that money. It's a very important market for us. It's a fast growing market. In terms of per capita consumption of cosmetics, it's one of the highest in the country," said Vismey Sharma, director of beauty saloon chain.

Many believe that this sudden interest in beauty enhancement methods has a lot to do with the ongoing trend, which demands that a woman should look at her best, always. With the affect, Beauty awareness is growing in both rural and urban Punjab. To cater for the Punjabi girl's desire to look beautiful, parlours have mushroomed in smaller cities and even villages of Punjab. " The biggest benefit is that earlier the women (of rural Punjab) had to go to some big city like Chandigarh, but now it's (saloon) nearby and hence, saves a lot of money. One doesn't have to go to any other city every time," said Neena, from rural Punjab. All said and done, Punjab's women are out to be number one!

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