Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Punjabi Jutti most popular in holy city of Amritsar

Punjabi Jutti (footwear of Punjabi style) has become thriving business to its manufacturer due to its aggressive demand in the market. Presently Punjabi Jutti makers getting orders in bulk form all over the India and abroad.
Amritsar is one of the Asia's biggest market around the holiest Sikh shrine Golden Temple where the Punjabi Jutti being manufactured in large scale and being exported to foreign countries like UK, America, Germany, Canada, Switzerland Singapore and Hongkong.
Punjabi Jutti was known for its immaculate embroidery and varied hues, which made it a popular, wear for the people of the region for all types of occasions. Punjabi Jutti is also known as century-old tradition. In foreign countries where having sizable population of Punjabi people have great demand of Punjabi Jutti from the holy city Amritsar. Now foreigners have also sheer demand for Punjabi footwear in foreign lands from Amritsar.  Since these footwear are easy to wear and more comfortable. In rural and urban Punjab majority of the masses including female and old aged people especially prefer to use Punjabi Jutti due to its comfort.
Balwant Singh Majithia a leading Punjabi Jutti manufacturer said, " This is his third generation in this profession and he manufacture different style of Punjabi Jutti on demand and one has to keep wait for one month. Moreover due to the summer season there is hot sale of Punjabi Jutti throughout out the Punjab and traders are coming from Delhi and Mumbai to place him order in bulk.
Now Punjabi Jutti becoming traditional footwear in the border town Amritsar and its surrounding area even neighboring states also following the same trend, informed Majithia. The graceful style of Punjabi jutti made with soft leather consisting artistic work on it being preferred by the young ladies too during social gathering. Now such footwear could also be seen in the fashion show as well as in the Bollywood industry, now it has become the essential items of cultural show. Even all the TV smalls screen plays also showing such footwear on marriage occasions.
Even it was the most favorite footwear of former Indian President Gyani Zail Singh, said Balwant Singh Majithia a Punjabi Jutti manufacturer  The elegant style, beautiful designs and soft leather of the footwear are attracting the fashion lovers everywhere, said Harjinder Singh trader.
The cost of ladies Punjabi jutti starts from Rupees two hundred to three thousand.The traditional teela, zeri wali and Sundi embroidery with Golden Thread has the look and designs is a magnet for any traditional fashion lover. A rough estimate, a dozen shopkeepers in Amritsar are engaged in the Punjabi Jutti business and their turn over is in tune of ten crore.