Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gurudwara Hemkund Sahib

 Gurudwara Sri Hemkund Sahib : Hemkund Sahib, with a spectacular setting of a glacial lake surrounded by seven peaks, is a popular sikh pilgrimage site for Sikhs. It is located in the Himalayas at an elevation of over 15,000 ft in Uttarakhand state of India. A sacred Sikh Gurudwara Hemkund has been built on the shores of Hemkund Lake.

Gurudwara Hemkund sahib ji in the Himalayas is also regarded as one of the. holiest places of the Sikhs. It was there that Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji the tenth and last Guru of the Sikhs is reported to have meditated in his previous life In 'Bachitar Natak' the great Guru relates his story in the following words- "I shall now relate my own story, how God sent me into this world. I was busy performing penance on the hills of 'Hemkund' where seven peaks are prominent. The place is called 'Sapt Shring’ where King Pandu had performed Yoga, there I practiced austerity and worshipped the god of death.

As Guru Gobind Singh ji had mentioned, the place of his previous incarnation in his auto-biography, many sikh scholars tried very hard to locate the exact place. In 1930, a Sikh soldier, Havildar Sohan Singh found Hemkund as he was trekking through this region. He connected it with the place from Guru Gobind Singh's writings. The Sikh religious organizations eventually picked up on this find and designated Hemkund as a special place for worship.

Sri Hemkund Sahib Tours are available only in the summer, between June 1 and October 5 every year.

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