Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gurudwara opens near White House, USA

The Sikhs of the US capital of Washington opened the National Gurduwara to public this Sunday with the completion of the Akhand Paath or non-stop recitation of the holy Granth Sahib. Situated on Embassy Row, the National Gurdwara sits just next to the American seat of power.
The National Gurdwara became fully operational this week, though some parts such as the holy Sikh flag of Nishan Sahib and the central dome of the structure are yet to be completed. Built over a quarter acre of prime land at a cost of $2.5 million, the National Gurdwara serves as both a spiritual and a cultural centre for the Sikhs. It has three and a half stories, at the basement is a parking lot. On the ground floor, there are six rooms. On the first floor is gurdwara. The second floor is spiritual hall and on the third floor lays gallery.
When the construction work on the site began six years ago, it made headlines because white residents opposed it.
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